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    Recycling is outdated
    environmental friendly - sustainable - CO2 -neutral

Our new developed SAMIX® eLINE product series ...

... now offers you the opportunity to use our Samix products in an almost climate-neutral and ecologically safe way, thus actively protecting the climate. We and our common environment would therefore be very pleased if you would accompany and support us on this path, in which you, like us, rely on more sustainable products.

Recycling is outdated!

This is why:

  • In 2019 in Germany, 12.3 million tons (MT) of new plastic was used, but only 1.9 MT (15%) was recycled material
  • In total, 6.3 MT of plastic waste was collected
  • 53% of the plastic waste was incinerated to produce power
  • 46% of European post-consumer plastic destined for recycling is exported.
  • Mass flows calculated for end-of-life fates of exported polyethylene (PE) waste.
  • Up to 180,558 Mg of exported polyethylene (PE) waste (7.3%) entered the ocean.
  • Per capita “recycled” PE entering ocean up to 3.2 kg/head/year
Our SAMIX® eLINE consumables

During the production of mixed material in standard plastic containers, microfine plastic particles are produced (abrasion effects). These may be absorbed through the skin, which is particularly dangerous for small children.

This effect is inherent in any production using plastic containers.
Therefore, we have made a conscious decision to further develop our jars and manufacture them exclusively using biological raw materials!

We do not use titanium dioxide as a dye component in the eLINE jars in order to avoid the inclusion of nanoparticles that are harmful to health. The carcinogenic effect of category 2 of TiO2 was published in 2017 by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) under EC 236-675-5. Titanium dioxide can also only be manufactured using a process that has a high impact on the environment.

In Germany, the production of individual formulations in the pharmaceutical sector alone results in the use of over 1000 tons of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) per year, which could be completely substituted by renewable resources. This would save over 5000 tons of CO2 annually.

Join us in this transition with us and our products! Towards a clean environment - for the healthy future of our children, without plastic waste mountains and polluted oceans.

Our SAMIX® eLINE consumables are made from renewable resources and are fully compostable.

Our SAMIX® eLINE equipment

... are created using resource-saving electronic components. This means the deliberate elimination of 50% rare earths compared to alternative products. Software optimization and new program features also save up to 30% energy compared to standard stirring systems. Only environmentally friendly powder dyes are used for the coloring of the equipment parts. All metal parts used in our equipment are essentially made from recycled raw materials.

In addition, our devices are sustainably manufactured and designed for long-lasting operation of up to 20 years! This saves materials, energy, resources.
Good for you - best for our environment!

Mixing machines that left our factory halls 30 years ago are still in daily use today.

SAMIX® Constantia eLINE
ecological I universal I compatible
  • preparations up to 1000 ml
  • automatic lifting function
  • integrated programms
  • highly efficient software control
  • up to 30% less energy consumption
  • up to 30% less CO2 - consumption
  • compatible with all SAMIX® accessories
  • reusable mixing tools
  • almost climate-neutral production
  • climate-neutral shipping

So that your sustainiblity promise
also includes the packaging.

Our SAMIX® eLINE packaging solution
environmental friendly - sustainable - CO2-neutral

We manufacture all consumables in Germany using the well-known injection molding process. This enables us to meet your individual color and shape requirements. Printing in the tempon-print process, labeling or batch tracking is optionally possible directly.

Just ask us about the realization of your unique and sustainable desired packaging for products of the

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmacy
  • Dermatology
  • Food
  • Feed

and much more.

Your personal contact:


+49 3682 455 112

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Incidentally, for the sake of completeness, we also ensure that our transport packaging is produced sustainably and can be used in a climate-neutral manner.


The photovoltaic system on our building, commissioned in 2022, supplies our production with our own produced electricity.