New Projects - Fish Tank

And once again Bernd has had a brilliant idea. At least that was our first thought.

If we're already advertising with turtles and ocean views, and we're convinced that our eLINE products don't contribute to environmental pollution, why not put that to the test? Without further ado, a marine aquarium was chosen to be home to a coral reef and its inhabitants. There we will sink some jars and insert them into the reef rock. We could hardly demonstrate better that SAMIX eLINE products can fit seamlessly into an existing ecosystem without damaging it. Coral reefs are home to the greatest biodiversity in our oceans and are unfortunately the most threatened by pollution and global warming.

Next Wednesday (July 8th) the tank and the technical equipment will be delivered and we are excited already.

This is what it could look like:

And the best thing about it: You can be there LIVE.

As soon as the run-in phase is completed, we want to provide a livestream for you. What could be better than spending an evening in front of the TV with a favorite drink and watching the dazzling hustle and bustle. Maybe someone will find Nemo.