… Compounding systems are engineered and manufactured by SAMIX GmbH — an advantage that signifies a commitment for us and application security for customers.

With modern injection molding machines and completely automated assembly systems, we enable secure and efficient production processes at our site in Zella-Mehlis, Germany.

Samix Quality

SAMIX® Production
Modern, Safe, and Controlled

According to the present certifications and the rigorously structured component assembly, there is an uninterrupted “trace back” in our production units. A very broad production range, combined with technology partners and special delivery suppliers with direct access to the immediate work environment is what characterizes the SAMIX® production concept.

Thermoplastic precision components are manufactured using modern injection molding machines that ensure quality and continuity with a wide range of peripherals in a three-shift operation. This includes vacuum conveyor systems, gravimetric devices, and ionization modules. Plastic-processing procedures are performed and continuously monitored under cleanroom conditions.

Flexible production planning and control enable customized assembly and logistical support, in particular, transportation and storage optimization for SAMIX® partners.

Samix Production


SAMIX® products are frequently integrated in manufacturing processes that follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Our GMP-compliant quality management ensures a constant improvement in our performance in addition to product and process quality.

We are happy to support you in the GMP-compliant qualification of SAMIX® products. Internal and external audits as well as batch-related microbiological analyses of SAMIX® primary packaging material comply with pharmaceutical industry regulations.